1fichier.com Premium Review

What Is 1fichier.com?

1fichier.com is a French file hosting service. They’ve been up and running for almost a decade. They’re so big that they rank almost among the top 1000 websites in the world. They get almost a million unique visitors each day and an estimated eight million daily page views. The domain is considered trusted and safe to browse.

1Fichier is mainly used to store large files. There are many who use this service to store movies, video files, audio files and games that are too large to store on a personal computer. They can store large files on the 1Fichier site so that customers and friends can access these files without sucking up their bandwidth. For some, the site spares you from the need to set up a dedicated server to host files you want to share.

We’ll review both the basic package and premium package by 1fichier while discussing the pros and cons of this file sharing service.

The Basic Package

You can sign up with 1Fichier with an email address and password. This is enough to get the basic account. Free registration gives you access to a faster connection and more resources than the “anonymous” access. If you don’t register with them, they will destroy files after 60 days of inactivity. For registered users, they may delete the files after 90 days of inactivity.

1fichier review

A free registered user account does leave you seeing ads, the same as you’d see with an anonymous account. Another benefit of the free account is 1 terabyte of cloud storage, something you can’t access with an anonymous account. All registered accounts are given access to the FTP network to upload files. They have their own FTP servers and don’t require a user client.

All 1fichier and 1fichier premium registered users can reach the webmaster through an online form. Customer service and general documentation is available in both French and English.

The free account is good enough for many people. There’s an intermediate level called “Access”, and then there is the premium level. At the access level, they stop showing you ads and give you priority for your file download.

Note that you can upgrade to the full premium account after you go through the initial setup. You can upgrade at any time. You may want to upgrade the account so that you can receive larger files.

Anonymous users can only receive files up to five gigabytes in size. Register with an email address, and you can receive files as large as 50 gigabytes. Pay for premium access to be able to receive files as large as 100 gigabytes. However, all users can send files up to 100 GB in size.

1fichier Premium Package

When you pay for the premium account, your content is given priority on the network and more bandwidth. If you want more people to be able to download your files faster, you need to pay for the premium package. The premium package enables simultaneous downloads, so you can download two (or more) movies or games at the same time. The premium package on 1fichier site gives you access to the download manager, though this is optional. With the premium package on 1fichier, you can pause and resume downloads.

Another benefit of the premium level is the fact that you won’t see ads, ever. At the premium level, you can receive IP verification. Only the premium account allows you to utilize content delivery networks. The CDN option for premium commercial customers allows you to upload your file to 1fichier, and it is automatically distributed across the CDN. Because you have a premium account, this happens at the fastest possible rate.

Registered users are allocated 10 gigabytes of free data volume when they use the CDN. At the premium level, you can extend this to 100 GB. If you send more data through the CDN, you will be billed at roughly one Euro per 100 gigabytes. If you’re truly transferring a massive amount of data, you may get a discount on these rates.

If you have a premium account, they say the cloud storage becomes essentially unlimited. In reality, exceed 30 terabytes and you could get warning messages from them. If you’re storing a massive amount of data on the cloud servers, they may warn you to cut it back

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the premium plan is the 100 gigabytes per month included in the plan. You can receive files up to 100 gigabytes. For others, the fact that paying for premium removes the 2 hours wait limit after every file download, something they do to maximize availability of resources to the general user population.

General Observations about 1Fichier

This site serves the international community. You can’t pay via PayPal. You can pay with the Paysafecard and cryptocurrency. Direct bank transfers are generally available.

The company has complete control over their own network; the network itself is scattered across France and Holland, so your data can’t get wiped out by a fire at a server farm.

1Fichier offers excellent IT security. All data is protected via IPv4 at a minimum, SSL and IPv6 at higher levels. In theory, you can bypass these security measures to download data even faster, but this isn’t recommended. If you aren’t sure what your download speed would be, you can run a speed test on their website before you even sign up for an account.

One of the downsides of the 1Fichier platform is that it isn’t easy to copy files between folders. The general workaround is to delete the files from the first file and upload them into the destination folder. You can move existing files between folders on the server via drag and drop; they lack a simple move button.

If you exceed their data storage limits, they’ll send you a warning. If you don’t reduce the amount of memory you take up, they may lock the account and delete files. In theory, you can get around the limits by having more than one account, though this could get you in trouble. If you’re afraid of the consequences if your account is locked, export a list of the links in your account before it is locked. That makes it easier to copy data to Google drive or another location. They also reserve the right to delete accounts they suspect of account sharing. In theory, they could terminate accounts for copyright infringement but don’t police it too much.


1fichier is a solid file storage service that offers surprisingly good service to free, registered users. Pay for 1fichier premium, and you’ll be able to upload, share, store and download far more data for a relatively cheap price. Compared to 1fichier, 1fichier premium is a major step up for surprisingly little money.

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