Hitfile.net Premium Account Review

In this fast-paced world it’s an important factor to keep up with the latest the Internet has to offer. Thanks to the social networking the Internet has become a hotbed when it comes to sharing files, rather it be a great musical track or a picture of something important. We’ve all came across hosting sites out there that claim they’re the best; however, after you buy a premium account with them you discover they fall flatter than a coin. Don’t fall for the gimmicks these sites promise, and if you want to experience a hosting site that delivers, keep reading.

The Hitfile.net hosting site domain is located in San Francisco, United States of America. The Hitfile site ranked among the top 6000 visited sites in the world due to its vendor reliability and trustworthiness. Hitfile when navigated is easy to do so as other popular sites like Katfile. In fact, while going through the site to have a feel before signing up I found everything smooth and accessible to get to without wondering where I was going. The hosting site, Hitfile has an awesome support service that responds quickly to any problem or question. Hitfile allows users to download and host various files from pictures to music, from audio to office files for free.

Hitfile has two kinds of accounts that users may access the site with, the basic account and the Hitfile premium. Registering with a basic account is both safe and free. Simply click the “Sign Up” option on the top right side of the homepage and follow the easy-to-follow directions. Signing up with a basic account on Hitfile allows users to upload a file size of 2 GB. Though, the downside of the basic account is that users will only experience 50 Kbs/s at maximum download speed. Unlike some of the other popular sites, other downsides include having pictures hosted on Hitfile for a maximum of 30 days before being deleted (Katfile allows basic account users to host for 60 days before being deleted), along with unable to resume downloads, have multiple download streams, and bombarded with those pesky advertisements. The upside to a basic account is that unlike other sites that can take up to half an hour when it comes to download delays, Hitfile.net only lasts for 30 seconds.

Well, after reading that don’t run away as there’s still hope – the Hitfile premium. Of course, unlike the basic account there’s a price tag attached to it; however, you’ll be granted much more. What would be experienced with a basic account regarding a download speed of 50 Kb/s is increased to a whooping 100 Mbps maximum for those who upgrade! The Hitfile.net premium account allows users to have an upload size of 10 GB maximum, along with an unlimited file upload to host on the site, so there’s no more worries of having deleted content. Other pros about having a Hitfile premium is that users will be able to resume downloads, have multiple download streams, and face no advertising. Best of all, there is no download delay. For those with a Hitfile account will also have access to support download accelerators such as FlashGet and Download Master, among many others.

The hosting site, Hitfile.net allows users to choose between four options when it comes to the Hitfile premium subscription 30-day for 10.99 Euros, 60-day for 20.99 Euros, 90-day for 30.99 Euros, and 120 days for 40.99 Euros. All subscriptions can be purchased through Visa, MasterCard, PaySera, Bitcoin, and other financial options that have a guaranteed SSL connection security to prevent any inconvenience to customers. Cancelation of subscription is easy and fast just in case of a situation, and just in case you don’t like Hitfile, you’ll get your money back – that’s how successful the site is that returning money to dissatisfied customers is not a problem!

If you would like to find out more about this provider, please click here: https://hitfile.org/ and https://www.hitfilepremium.com/

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