Cloud host sharing VS torrents

Cloud hosting sharing and torrents. Are they the same? Allow us to discuss the two.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

For those with a website, time will come that you’ll realize that shared hosting is not enough. Once that happens, then it would be the perfect time to switch to cloud hosting in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. It comes with the power, as well as the reliability of a VPS, together with the simplicity of shared hosting. You’ll also be getting dedicated resources at the same– this holds true, especially if what you’re going to get is something that’s really reliable, such as and

Main Advantages of Cloud Hosting

With cloud hosting, one of the most remarkable perks that you can take advantage of is that it’s very easy to use. You’ll be able to manage your server like a professional and there’s also a control panel that contains all the necessary features that would allow you to create a better online presence. Aside from that, you could also acquire a dedicated IP address with a slice of CPU, RAM, and SSD Disk Space. These resources are fully dedicated in offering you only the best services you can think of.

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When it comes to server uptime, you can sit back and relax. Rest assured that it would be well taken care of by the cloud hosting provider.

Now that you have a general idea of cloud hosting, let’s now proceed to torrents.

What Is a Torrent?

Even if you’re not an Internet marketer, you have probably heard of the word, “torrent.” This refers to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. Wherein, a torrent file normally comes with an extension like .torrent, but it doesn’t come with the actual contents to be distributed.

Instead, it only has the basic information that could be used by a BitTorrent software, like uTorrent, and this allows the users to easily download the files they need.

Due to the fact that BitTorrent technology is very easy and convenient to use, this allowed a lot of users to download copyrighted materials unknowingly. In a lot of countries, this act is frowned upon, as it’s illegal and considered as piracy. Thankfully, there’s still a good number of legal torrent sites that you can rely on.

How Does Torrent Work?

The best way to explain a torrent file is that it functions as a key to initiate download of the content. Wherein, the interested party who wants to receive the shard file should first get a corresponding torrent file for it. This can be done through downloading a .torrent file, or through the use of a magnet link.

In order to open this file, you’ll have to use a software, and once the software scans the file, then you’ll have to find the locations of seeders who are sharing the corresponding file. You’ll be connected to a list of defined trackers where you can build a direct connection. If successful, then the transferring of files would begin.

Cloud Torrenting

Now, cloud can also be used for torrenting. That means you’ll be able to save your HD and your bandwidth for more important files instead.

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