There are a lot of VPN providers out there, and because of that, it can be quite challenging to determine which among them is the best and worth your money. That’s why we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to discuss one of the best providers– Smoozed.


Smoozed is a VPN provider that allows clients to download traffic without having to give important details that could potentially put their security at risk. With Smoozed, clients can easily register by simply signing up with their email and select a plan that they want– ranging from 1-month service for a 12-month service. Prices vary from 9.95 euros to 39.95 euros.

Product Details

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, registering at isn’t as complicated as you imagine. All you have to do is choose the duration and payment method you prefer, and after your payment is received, your smoozed account will be activated right away, and you can begin using it. It’s as simple as that.

This has been possible because of the intelligent caching system that makes all the data traffic secure and accessible. The privacy is also their main priority, and that’s why VPN is crucial.

Aside from those, one remarkable thing about Smoozed is that every file downloaded has been automatically scanned to ensure that it’s free from viruses.

The Importance of VPN

There are hundreds of VPN available in the market, it’s really difficult to choose one that would protect your information while browsing the Internet. You have to look for one that would create a secure tunnel through the Internet of your data and ensure that nothing you do would be readable by others who are trying to steal your information.

Aside from that, with the help of VPN, you’ll be able to unlock certain websites that aren’t usually available in your country. That means you’ll be able to enjoy most of the Internet.

Why You Should Consider Using Smoozed
  • It’s quite affordable. The annual cost is just around 39.99 euro. As compared to 1 regular VPN access, Smoozed is definitely more affordable.
  • Security and privacy are the main priority of this service provider. They give the assurance that VPN would fully protect the user’s privacy and ISP from spying the user’s Internet activity.
  • You can finally bid goodbye to barriers. By having a Smoozed account, not only will you be able to enjoy a VPN access, but you can also take advantage of the self-developed caching system.
  • One-time setup would allow you to use Smoozed right away


smoozed review

The pricing structure is very simple and straight-forward. It’s highly recommended to apply for a one-year account, because it’s the most affordable deal they are offering right now.


Smoozed primarily offers a VPN service that would give you the assurance that your complete surfing behavior is secured and would never be compromised. Using a VPN server while surfing the net would ensure that no one would be able to track your surfing behavior and habits. The best thing about it? It’s already part of your subscription!

Browser Add On

If you want to avoid waiting times, as well as speed limits, then we highly suggest that you install a Smoozed add-on for your browser. This automatically switches between downloads on different hosting platforms, and routes through the use of a multiposter service. There are 3 options to choose from, and this can easily be switched on and off.

What’s notable about this add-on is that it automatically switches between downloads on different hosting platforms and routes the download through a multihost service. Of course, let us not forget the JDDownloader perfect for your downloads. You’ll be able to enter your download links through it.

Amount of Traffic You Can Enjoy

You’ll be glad to know that the VPN usage is not limited. Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy a daily traffic contingent

What to Do if You Have Already Purchased but It Hasn’t Been Credited to Your Account

This doesn’t happen often, but once it does, we highly recommend that you log into your account again, and if you’re still short of time, then you have to create an information about your payment– this includes transactions ID, and you’ll be receiving a new payment as soon as it gets approved.

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